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Bulletin N°4

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The Antarctic is gaining more ice than it loses

A new NASA study (Zwally et al.) Published October 30, 2015 in the Journal of Glaciology shows that the ice gains in East Antarctica and continental West Antarctica exceed the losses in other areas.

+ 0.43°C

On his website Roy Spencer has has updated the curve of temperature trends in the lower atmosphere from the beginning of satellite measurements (1979) until October 2015: +0.43 ° C (temperature anomaly relative to the average the period 1981-2010). The significant increase compared to September is not due to the warming of the tropics (despite the current El Niño), but to a very hot month in the temperate Northern Hemisphere.


You will remember that Philippe Verdier, weatherman at France Télévisions, is in danger of losing his job for publishing a critique of the IPCC and international climate policy in a book, “Climate Investigation” (Ring, 2015).

Philippe Verdier, a journalist at France Télévisions, fired one month before the COP21

In a video placed on-line on Sunday, the head of France Télévisions' weather service Philippe Verdier can be seen opening what he states to be a letter of dismissal: He says: "This morning I received this letter which I decided to open in your presence, because it is addressed to everyone in the name of freedom of expression and the right to information."
Remember that the "malpractice" of which Philippe Verdier is accused is to have published a critique of the IPCC and international climate policy in a book, Climate investigation (Ring, 2015).
If you have not already done so, please sign the petition launched by the Collective to defend Philippe Verdier, and ask those around you to sign it too. There are already more than 18,000 signatures.

The Philippe Verdier Affair in the Press

The sacking of Philippe Verdier has caused a stir in the press. In Le Figaro, Gilles William Goldnadel sees it "the political police at work", but also in the L'Obs, where labour lawyer Eric Rocheblave expressed doubts about the legality of the dismissal. Internationally, note items in Il Tempi (Italy), the BBC, The Independent and the le "Telegraph" (UK), American thinker (USA) Investigate Daily (New Zealand), 444 (Hungary) , Observador (Portugal), Trthaber (Turkey) … Benoît Rittaud gives his opinion on the Verdier affair in Russia Today.


It won't save the planet, but will China's commitment allow President Hollande to save face?

Following his visit to China, French President Francois Hollande seems confident about the outcome of the COP21. On Tuesday on Europe 1 he welcomed the progress made in China for the COP21 in convoluted terms which scarcely disguised his embarrassment:
"China has made two major commitments: first, to upgrade its battle against emissions, and to fulfill all the obligations that we have imposed on ourselves, and secondly, to accept that every five years we can review these commitments to be very sure that we will have no more than two degrees of global warming by the end of the century. "
The Chinese president said meanwhile that the Franco-Chinese joint declaration, which has 21 points, showed "the common commitment to a successful conference in Paris."

Good Boys, Bad Boys

According to Europe 1, several NGOs, including the Climate Action Network, have been working overtime on their calculators to rank the states according to their contributions. The results are consistent: the few virtuous States (those whose commitments are in line with the goal of limiting warming to 2 ° C by 2100) are: Ethiopia, Morocco, Costa Rica, Marshall Islands and Bhutan. Suffice to say that in terms of actual emissions, we're a long way from the target.

$38 billion still to be found for the Green Funds

The richest countries must find the $100 billion promised to the poorest countries to adapt to climate change. We're currently at $61.8 billion. Michel Sapin [French Budget Minister] summed up the situation in this cryptic formula:
"The figure does not cause those who need these funds to run away, and so there's no reason to despair … Neither does it cause to flee those who will have to increase their efforts, since the gap between $61.8 and $100 billion by 2020 is not beyond reach. "

Laurent Dupont (Member of the Forum), addressed this issue in this article published on Skyfall.


According to an IFOP poll, the climate is the 5th most important priority for the French

A national survey by IFOP shows that, if the French are broadly concerned about climate change (40% very concerned, 44% somewhat concerned, 16% not worried), they put the fight against climate change 5th in the list of their priorities after unemployment (36%), terrorism (28%), inequality (16%) and the government deficit (10%).

AFCO's press conference on October 29

The results of the IFOP poll were commented Thursday, October 29th by Jérôme Fourquet, Director of IFOP's "Opinion and Corporate Strategies" department.
On this occasion, Remy Prud'homme (university professor) and Christian Gérondeau (polytechnic engineer) presented their books, the Global Warming Ideology (Éditions de l’Artilleur) and Climate: J'accuse (Editions du Toucan).
A review of Christian Gérondeau's book was published in the journal "Survey & Debate", while Rémy Prud'homme commented on his book on Olivier Galzi's programme "Le Grand Décryptage” on i-télé, during a debate with François Gemenne and Jean Jouzel.

A new climato-critical book

Olivier Postel-Vinay, founder of the magazine Books and former editor of the science magazine La Recherche, has also published a book, Climate Comedy (Editions JC Lattes), in which he too takes a very critical look at the climate issue.


Emmanuelle Cosse on France Inter October 28th

Guest of the Patrick Cohen morning programme, the national secretary of Europe Ecology the Greens declared:
"All I can tell you is that the discourse of climate sceptics reminds me of the discourse of AIDS denialists that I heard in the 90s, when they said that AIDS did not exist. Today there are people dying because of climate change. It's a reality"
This specious argument is not new: Stéphane Foucart already used it in “Climate Populism”, a book in which he stigmatized the "enemies of science" (Claude Allegre and Vincent Courtillot, it seems).

Global warming gives Gaël Derive the Gift of Ubiquity

Interviewed by Le Point on October 23, Gaël Derive said: "Speaking as a scientist, an explorer, and an expert, I'd say that climate change (in the true sense, as experienced on the ground) has never been so visible, so sudden, and so profound in the everyday lives of men and women I meet. It modifies periods of access to the ice shelf for the family of Jeannie in the Arctic. It increases flooding in the village of Donildo, Brazil. It affects Karakaua's drinking water in Kiribati. It reduces Nipa's rice yields in Bangladesh. It affects Tsering's potato crop in Nepal. It decides the fate of Satu's cattle in Ethiopia, and hence his family's future."

Thanks to COP21, everyone will have his fifteen minutes of fame

During COP21, the Eiffel Tower will be transformed into a virtual forest. As part of the operation "One Heart One Tree", smartphone owners will be able to "plant a seed of light" on the monument which will turn into a virtual tree. This image will be projected for a few seconds on the monument with the name of the participant. “Human Energy”, the "greatest work of participatory art ever created" will allow everyone to turn into a "human generator" walking, dancing, rowing or pedaling bicycles or other energy-producing devices installed in a kind of festive village. How lovely.


Climathon prize for week 44 weeks awarded to France Télévisions

The first prize undoubtedly goes to France Télévisions. The jury can be forgiven for its hesitation in awarding the prizes for the runners-up, given the competition raging on the climato-righteousness front.


List of signatories

The list of supporters of our Climate Realist Collective has further expanded this week. It now has 317 names. Help us make it grow! Email us your support collectifdesclimatorealistes@gmail.com (name, occupation, and website address if possible), and encourage your loved ones to join in!


To include an item in next week's news bulletin, or to receive newsletters by email, email contact@collectifdesclimatorealistes.fr.


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51.  Bernnard | 6/11/2015 @ 18:35 Répondre à ce commentaire

CK66 (#49),
"Que" est plus approprié ! Mais bon, si on fait trés attention il doit y avoir d'autres imperfections de ce genre.

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AntonioSan (#50),

c’est l’absence de possibilite d’inculper quiconque

Ou plutôt c’est la possibilité d’inculper n’importe qui au delà des lois de la République sur notre propre sol !
Et on trouve ça normal !

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Bernnard (#52),
Oui, c’est « légitime » comme dit le Grand Normal Premier

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Bernnard (#52), Je precise: absence de possibilite d’inculper quiconque parmi les escrocs qui se reunissent…

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Bernnard (#35),

le lien ne marche pas… ou bien ils ont fermé ?….

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Bernnard (#35),
Oui ça vient d’être supprimé !

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Il a sans doute été supprimé cette dernière heure par l’hibernation
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Bernnard (#58),
Le fin mot de l’histoire du déplacement de l’article sur les blogs de Libération.
C’est ICI (Un « bug » facétieux)

61.  Gautron Jacques | 11/11/2015 @ 15:53 Répondre à ce commentaire

Il paraît admis que la couche de CO2 soi-disant responsable du réchauffement aurait augmenté d’une manière considérable pendant ces 30 dernières années. La température a-t-elle augmenté dans la même mesure. Ca fait des années que je pose ce même constat, j’attends toujours la réponse !

62.  Bob | 11/11/2015 @ 16:31 Répondre à ce commentaire

Gautron Jacques (#61),
Voyez vous-même. En rouge, le CO2 (en ppm). En bleu, la température UAH (anomalie en °C)

63.  Bob | 11/11/2015 @ 16:35 Répondre à ce commentaire

Gautron Jacques (#61),
En rouge, le CO2 (en ppm) mais cette fois ci, en bleu, la température HadCRUT4

64.  rpf | 11/11/2015 @ 17:50 Répondre à ce commentaire

Bob (#63),
Ces graphiques sont classiques, ils sont utilisés par les « climatologues »
Si on remet l’origine, c’est à dire le zéro, l’impression visuelle n’est pas la même.

La température en Kelvin correspond à la seule échelle qui a un sens physique. Trois décennies c’est la durée classique pour une grandeur climatique.

Ne pas mettre l’origine, c’est déjà induire en erreur.

65.  Bob | 11/11/2015 @ 18:07 Répondre à ce commentaire

rpf (#64),
Bien sûr, il s’agit des « anomalies » de température et l’échelle du taux de CO2 commence à 270ppm
Mais on voit quand même très bien que la température n’a monté que pendant 25 ans sur les 60 ans du 2e graphique, c’est à dire pendant un peu moins de la moitié du temps pendant que le taux de CO2 augmentait, lui, continuellement.
Quant à utiliser les Kelvins, effectivement, avec cette échelle et à partir de OK, on ne doit pas voir grand chose…

67.  miniTAX | 11/11/2015 @ 19:15 Répondre à ce commentaire

Ces graphiques sont classiques, ils sont utilisés par les “climatologues”

rpf (#64),
en communication financière, quand on tronque la partie dérangeante de la courbe pour n’afficher que les « bonnes » données, c’est passible de la tôle.
En climatologie, c’est synonyme de gloire et de promotion, cf Mann, alias mister hide-the-decline dont on attend toujours une mise à jour des proxys dont les valeurs disparaissent comme par magie après 1960.

68.  miniTAX | 11/11/2015 @ 19:20 Répondre à ce commentaire

Bob (#65), cf la page des archives de skyfall, notamment : http://www.skyfall.fr/?p=78
La hausse de CO2 et le réchauffement ont été « considérables » en effet !

69.  Murps | 12/11/2015 @ 0:32 Répondre à ce commentaire

C’est l’électroencéphalogramme d’un climatologue du Giec ?????

70.  de Rouvex | 12/11/2015 @ 0:40 Répondre à ce commentaire

Murps (#69), Non, regardez bien, il y a un sursaut vers 1980 … :mrgreen: